Joanna Bandte's experience, in her words-

"I had been eyeing Carolyn's artwork for the over a year, watching different paintings come and go, waiting for the right piece. When she put "Rhythm and Blues" and "Well Worn" on her website,  I decided to reach out and see how they might work in my home.  I sent photos of our space to her, and when she came for my in-home consultation she brought those two along with many others.  She could see that I was torn because neither of my two favorites were right for the space--one was too large for our space, and the other was the wrong color palette.  Carolyn explained that having her make a custom piece for us, she could create something in between the two. The intensity and sharpness of one, with slight softer colors that matched our room. I was nervous about spending more on a custom piece, not knowing if she'd be able to capture exactly what I was looking for. She could tell I was hesitant about it, and reassured me that I would be an active participant in her creation process, and that we could change things at any point along the way. This eased my mind and really excited me, and a just a few days later, she presented me with two slightly different options. I was ecstatic to see that she knew exactly what I meant. With a few additional tweaks, I had my original Carolyn Mackin painting on my wall within the week.

Looking back on this experience, I was so grateful that Carolyn helped changed my nervousness and apprehension into excitement. I trusted her and the process, and ended up with exactly the painting I wanted. It was well worth it to spend the additional money, because I start my day looking at it every morning. Each day, I find something more to love in it, and I smile, knowing that Carolyn made this just for me.

Working with Carolyn was a joy not only because of her incredible talent, but also because of the genuine, approachable, engaging person that she is. She is so passionate about her work and takes pride in every detail. If only every person in the world approached his or her job this way! I know this is probably one of a number of paintings I'll purchase from her over the years, and I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Kelly Caiazzo's experience, in her words...

“Carolyn, thank you so much for creating such a beautiful custom painting for our home. It’s amazing to find someone so talented who is also so approachable. Art is not our language, but you listened so carefully to us describe what we love about your work, then used that information to create a perfectly inspired piece. You went above and beyond to make the commission process enjoyable, starting with a home visit so our space could inform your canvas size and color choices, and then giving us options and working closely with us to continue developing the parts of the painting we loved most. We will cherish this painting and the memories of working with you, from discussing teal over champagne to watching the final brush strokes via Facetime. An incredible experience, with truly magical results. Thank you.”