Visions Flag #002


Visions Flag #002

600.00 1,500.00

The Self-Evolution Flags are comprised of several painted canvases that are deconstructed then reassembled together to create a luxurious, colorful and one-of-a-kind work of art. The flags celebrate the creativity in all of us, and serve as reminders that if we follow our intuition and live in the flow of our own truths, it is possible to find joy and peace every day.

Key Features:

·       Flags are 56" x 39.5" and are a fun and casual statement piece to fill up large walls.

·       They are a great value at HALF the price of the same sized painting.

·       Each flag is an original, unique work of art.

·       Customize yours to fit your aesthetic perfectly.

·       Flags can be hung horizontally or vertically and require NO framing.

Flag #002 is from the ‘Visions’ painting, and has orange and navy blue accent stripes.

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