Painting an Art Stack

Video speed increased 10,000%- I wish that I could paint this fast!

Have you ever wondered what painting from the intuition really means? If so, read on!

For me, it means that I follow my impulses and what 'feels' good as I work on a painting. That might look like making large sweeping marks on a huge canvas (great for releasing any intense energy like anxiety, anger, frustration and even joy). Sometimes I feel drawn to use a particular color, other times it is a shape or technique I want to play with.

Being an intuitive painter is always about listening to my inner voice (the one that sounds loving and peaceful) ignoring my critical voice (I'm getting pretty good at this!), and and keeping myself open and curious.

With this positive mindset, I am constantly taking 'risks' with my work. Some examples of this are-

1. Mixing up an 'ugly' color that looks terrible on its own, but next to another color looks amazing!

2. Making big, bold marks over a painting that was 'almost' done, therefore forcing the painting into a totally different direction.

3. Never throwing away any of my paintings. I see any unfinished pieces as opportunities to transform into something else.

I hope that enjoyed getting to know more about me and my process!

XOXO, Carolyn