'Magical Places' collection by Carolyn Mackin

Preview Event- Friday, March 16th - Get an inside view!

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About 'Magical Places' collection

My ‘Magical Places’ collection is about recognizing the freedom and spaciousness you feel when you give yourself a chance to explore and follow your curiosities. It is about the openness we feel when we are not living in our automated day-to-day lives, but instead go out and intentionally seek new experiences.

The process of painting ‘Magical Places’ felt like backpacking around the world without an agenda. It was liberating and full of mystery. I only knew that I wanted to paint on large canvases in a very loose style, and to simply let my intuition guide each brushstroke and color selection. It was an emotional and beautiful internal journey for me.

I hope the passion and fire in these paintings resonate for you too, and evokes your imagination or memories of your own adventures.

Secret_Getawa_masterbed (62 of 137)-Edit.jpg

An introduction to the "Magical Places' collection. Launching here, on my website, on March 22nd at 11am. Please join me on Friday, March 16th for a Preview Event if you are in the Boston area. Click here for details.