Inner Sanctum Sneak Peek Slideshow

The ‘Inner Sanctum’ series is filled with an abundance of color, layers, texture and pattern. They are mystical places that reside in my imagination, often evoked during guided meditation. They act as a reminder to find the joy of exploring within oneself as well as getting out and experiencing this amazing earth we live on.

Collect more than one as they group well together.

“Remember… the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.” -Rumi

Inner Reflection Sneak Peek Slideshow  

The ‘Inner Reflection’ series are hand-painted line drawings of women’s faces within an arch on a patterned background. These women are all about turning inward to cultivate love of self. In doing so they tap into the true essence of who they are. They look inside for truth and know that trusting their intuition leads to peace and joy.

Collect more than one as they group well together.

“The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.” -Gabrielle Bernstein