Flag Collection- coming soon!

*** Please note that the below pic shows UNFINISHED mock ups of what will become beautifully sewn pieces of art. ***

Customize yours!

I will be offering 2 designs (similar to what you see in this picture) plus a variety of different color options. This means that you can get a custom flag that coordinates perfectly in your space. How fun is that????

Make sure to email me at carolyn@carolynmackin.com to tell me what colors you would like your flag to be. I will take that into consideration as I create this collection.


I've been working quietly on this project in the background all year, and cannot wait to share with you what I am up to. A few key features of the flags are:

  • Flags are 56" x 39.5" and are a fun and casual statement piece to fill up large walls.
  • They will be half the price of a similar sized painting.
  • Each flag is an original, unique work of art.
  • Customize to make it your own!
  • Flags can be hung horizontally or vertically and require NO framing.

I'll tell/show you more as the project unfolds, but for now I have a short video of me painting a HUGE canvas that will then be ripped up into the stripes for the flag.