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Carolyn Mackin Custom Painting Info

Hiring me to create your very own Carolyn Mackin original painting is an exciting and rewarding collaboration.  Together you and I will determine the specifics, and I will work my magic to create a painting that reflects your tastes while maintaining my artistic style.

Typically we start with a meeting, phone conversation, and/or email exchange.  I use this time to understand you and your desires.  Together we make decisions regarding dimensions, color palette, and surface.  Often we use my existing body of work as a conversation starting point to determine the elements your painting will be comprised of.  For instance, are you most drawn to my more geometric cityscapes or my more fluid landscapes?  Do you prefer certain patterns, dislike particular colors, or have other elements in the intended installation room that you are trying to coordinate with? It is very helpful to see pictures of the space if it is important to coordinate.

Why commission a painting from Carolyn Mackin?

1.     My painting style resonates with you.

2.     None of my available paintings are quite right for your space.

3.     You want to honor someone special with a memorable gift that will last a lifetime.

4.     Your favorite Carolyn Mackin painting has already sold.

5.     The idea of creating a collaborative painting with me sounds exciting and meaningful.

It is important to note that because of the intuitive process I use to create my artwork, the end result of your painting will be a bit of a surprise to both you and I.  It takes a special trust, great communication, and a sense of adventure for a painting commission to be successful.  I cannot exactly replicate any painting, even one of my own pieces.

Once we have agreed to work together, here is what you can expect.

1.     I will send picture updates via email of the progress of your piece throughout the process.

2.     You will have multiple opportunities to give input during the process, however a limited amount of changes are allowed without incurring additional fees.

3.     I love doing commissions because I enjoy getting to know my clients, and want to know your story.

4.     I will work hard to ensure that you LOVE your painting!


1.     The initial consult is free. Once we decide to work together, you will be charged 50% of the total.

2.     The remaining 50% will be charged once the painting is complete, and ready for delivery or shipment.

3.     I typically require 1-2 months to complete a commission.  I can sometimes work within a shorter timeframe, just contact me to discuss your needs.

4.     If you do not like your final painting, you may refuse the painting and your deposit can be used as credit in my shop toward another fine art purchase. (This has never occurred and I hope it never does!)

5.     I accept credit cards, checks, or cash, and payment plans are possible.

I am always happy to answer any other questions you have.  I cannot wait to get started on your very own Carolyn Mackin original!  Contact me at carolyn@carolynmackin.com to get started!

Carolyn Mackin Custom Painting Price List

10” x 10”- $190.

12” x 12”- $270.

16” x 16”-  $480.

18” x 18”- $610.

20” x 20”- $750.

24” x 24”- $1090.

24” x 30”- $1375.

24” x 36”- $1625.

30” x 30”- $1687.

30” x 40”- $2250.

36” x 36”- $2440.

30" x 48"- $2700.

40" x 40"- $3000.

36” x 48”- $3250.

48" x 60"- $4050.

60" x 60"- $4800.

Additional custom sizes as well as paintings on wood panel and paper are also available.

Contact me for a quote- carolyn@carolynmackin.com