Art Buying Guide


I can help guide you find the PERFECT painting for your space. Whether you are local to the Boston area, or or live far away, I do my best to ensure that the art you purchase from me will bring you joy. My goal is to not only create memorable art with high quality materials that will look great in your home or business for generations.  I also hope that you find personal meaning in my paintings, and continue to discover and see new things in the work for years to come.


"I recognize that buying a large piece of artwork is a significant purchase that should be made thoughtfully. It is my pleasure to make that process fun, exciting, and one that ensures you get exactly what you want. (Even if you're not sure what that is yet.)"


One of my passions is interior design, so I naturally want my artwork to look great with all of the design elements in your space. Whether you start with the art, or have a fully decorated room to work with, I can help you determine what would look best.

Options if you are local to the Boston area.


1. Come for a studio visit. I am available every day and evening by appointment. I am very accessible and love having visitors. Don't hesitate to email me (carolyn at to set up a time for you to stop by my Wellesley studio. I also offer Open Studios several times a year, and recommend signing up for my Collector's List to learn about my upcoming event dates.

2. Schedule a free consultation in your space. I'll bring over any artwork that appeals to you, hold it up on your walls, and guide you in choosing the best painting for your space. It is remarkably helpful and clarifying.

3. Come see me at an event. I do several events each year and always bring as much art as possible so you can see it in person. Consider signing up for my Collector's List to be in the know about my upcoming events.

Options if you don't live nearby or prefer shopping online.


1. Send me pictures of your space. Email me which paintings you are considering, and I'll create a digital mockup so you can get a sense of scale, color, and how the art relates to the other elements in the room.

2. Ask me for a video or Facetime session. I can do a virtual tour of the art you are considering- showing you the detail, texture, color and scale of the piece.

"If you really like my style, but what you desire isn't available, consider hiring me to make a CUSTOM painting for you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy, fun, and affordable my process really is."

Frequently asked questions.

Q: How do I know it is the right size? A: You want to ensure that the scale of the painting works with the other elements in your room. I suggest measuring your walls, as well as any furniture or architectural features such as a fireplace mantle that the artwork will hang over. In general, the width of the artwork should be a bit shorter than the mantel or furniture it hangs above. Of course there are many exceptions and variables. Email me a pic and measurements and I am happy to make a suggestion.

Q. I have traditional furniture and/or an old home with traditional details, will your artwork look good in my space? A: Yes! In fact I think that mixing contemporary abstracts with traditional elements is a wonderful way to bring a fresh look to any space, whether it be traditional or modern. Many of the pictures on my website reflect this perfectly.

Q: How do I know if the color palette is right for my room? A: This is so subjective, but I prefer when the artwork has at least a couple of the dominant colors in the room. The artwork should coordinate but does not have to perfectly match the rest of the decor. Email me some pics of your space so I can create a mockup for you at carolyn at

Q: Should I get one large piece or several smaller pieces? A: Depends on the space. One statement piece above a mantel is best I think. Often one 36' x 48" piece over a 60-70" sofa looks great. If you have a long wall, I usually suggest a triptych (3 paintings that all look similar and go together). Again, email me with the specifics of your space.


Q: Do I need to frame it? A: You do not need to frame my paintings on canvas. I prefer the more modern look of seeing the painted canvas edges. However, all of my works on paper must be framed. If you are local, ask me for my list of preferred professional framers.

Q: I'm not sure if I 'get' abstract art. What is it about really? A: For me, abstract paintings are all about emotion. You do not need to be an art expert or intellectual to understand it. It is like wine in that the most important thing is that you enjoy it. What I find most interesting about abstract art are the stories and memories it evokes for each individual. Abstract art has the potential to ignite the most fascinating conversations!

Q: What materials are you using? How long will they last? A: I use the highest quality acrylic paints available. I almost exclusively use Golden Brand paints. I use a variety of painting surfaces (canvas, wood, paper) but always strive to use the best possible quality. These paintings will far outlive you and I, as long as some basic precautions are taken in the way they are displayed. It is recommended that you use glass over works on paper, and that the artwork does not get a lot of direct sunlight.

Q: What is the benefit of buying directly from an artist? A: So many benefits to this!!! I think it is most exciting to know a bit about the artist who created the art, as it will help you feel more connected to the piece. Plus, it feels great to be able to share a bit about the artist and the story of why you purchased that particular piece. Buying direct also means you are saving money. Galleries take a 40-50% commission, so when you buy direct that means artists can sell their work at half the price they would otherwise!!! Finally, us artists literally do a happy dance each time we sell artwork to someone who loves it, and that spreads joy and beauty.

If you still have a question, email me! carolyn at or simply click the envelop below.