Carolyn Mackin • Artist Statement

My artwork is about embracing and celebrating life, and living with intention and passion. My abstract, multi-layered paintings reflect my journey through life, which I see as a fantastic adventure. Inspired by traveling, city life, white light, and intimate connections, I create mixed media paintings through an intuitive process of layering acrylic and oil paint, oil pastels, paint pens, graphite and paper. When I paint, I often enter a meditative state that allows me to open my mind and create from a place of curiosity. The surrender that happens feels much like my practice of yoga and mediation.

I paint what makes me light up.  For me, cities are wonderfully exciting places filled with possibility, vibrant energy, and endless inspiration.  Patterns have the ability to mentally transport me to exotic locales such as India, Morocco, Bali, or the Netherlands.  White light, in its infinite forms, is a constant wellspring from which I derive insight.  I am drawn to strings of lights, lanterns, and chandeliers because they evoke celebration.

I live in Wellesley, MA with my husband and 2 boys and have a light-filled art studio on the third floor of our home.

2003 • MFA- California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

1996 • BFA- from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

I am constantly creating new paintings. Want to see how I do it, where I get my inspiration, or get first dibbs on new work? Find me...

  • On Facebook doing LIVE videos!

  • On Instagram getting deep and sharing my latest work

  • Running around town with my 2 boys. (You've just gotta see that in person).

  • At a local art show- check out my Events tab for the latest